For any on-site wellness programs you choose, CHS provides all phases and aspects of planning and implementation, including program customization, consultation, publicity needs, all necessary supplies and educational materials appropriate for participant follow up. Below is an overview of the programs we offer. All programs can be customized to suit your needs and budget. Click any heading for more information:

Health Awareness Profiles
  This is a vital program designed to increase employee awareness of their health status. It an interlocking system of health profiles, with professionally collected specimens to increase accuracy and thoroughness.
Corporate Health & Wellness Fair
  The perfect way to jump-start your company's wellness programs. Our health educators are able to assist you and your staff in providing the most beneficial program for your employees. The Corporate Health and Wellness Fair can be either a full or half day of festivities and health awareness for employees as well as their families if desired.
Heart Check
  This program includes a test for total cholesterol via fingerstick method and which can be performed on a non-fasting basis. One of our health care professionals also is available, for an additional fee, to run an education station.
Immunization Programs
  Developed to help prevent the spread of the influenza virus in our communities as well as the neighboring populations of the United States. Our team of on-site nurses administer influenza vaccinations to your employees at your facility or other designated sites.
Corporate Lectures/Seminars
  CHS offers a comprehensive range of seminars and lectures on a variety of health and safety topics. Workshops and seminars are available in one-, four- and eight-hour time intervals at the convenience of the company and its employees.
On-Site Therapeutic Massage Program
  Performed either on a seated on supine position by a licensed qualified certified massage therapist. One of our most popular programs!

Partial List of Services:

• On-site blood chemistry screenings
• CPR classes (adult/infant)
• First Aid classes
• Glaucoma/vision screenings
• Cholesterol screenings
• Diabetes screenings
• Stress/therapeutic massage
• Body composition/fat analysis
• Mammograms
• Hearing evaluations
• Health risk appraisals
• Industrial drug screens
• Physicals
• HIV testing and education
• Spirometry testing
• Weight loss seminars

• Skin cancer screenings
• Walking clubs
• Fitness testing
• Aerobic/weight training classes
• Employee assistance programs
• Smoking cessation seminars
• Behavior modification classes
• Healthy cooking classes
• Injury prevention seminars
• Stress management classes
• Prostate cancer screenings
• Individual counseling/medical &
• Back care & prevention clinics
• Tetanus vaccination clinics
• Pneumonia vaccinations