CHS ensures consistent, accurate and smooth operation of screenings by our thorough system of checks and balances. Our staff has a broad range of experience in all aspects of the health care industry. We maintain strict standards for participant confidentiality, expediency and professionalism.

The CHS quality control procedures are extensive and include several major components: field logistics, physician overview, and in-house and corporate re-evaluations.

Field Logistics
Establishes the performance requirements for the logistical aspects of industry-based health screening programs, and is managed at both the local and the corporate levels. These include:

Qualifications of all participating personnel
Corporate account set up and promotion activities
Tracking the processing of all laboratory samples using verifiable courier services
Timely delivery of all screening related supplies
Verification and disposal of all biohazardous wastes

Physician Overview
Involves having all results reviewed and analyzed by our own CHS physicians. This overview is comprised of a sophisticated individual report and group statistical analysis. If any abnormal variations appear in the data, re-evaluations will be conducted.

CHS follows current guidelines for safe and proper specimen collection based on recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control, The National Committee for Laboratory Standards, OSHA, CAL-OSHA, and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's Methods Manual for Cholesterol Screening. These guidelines help ensure both the integrity of specimens as well as the health and safety of persons being screened and personnel performing the screening.