Health Fairs

CHS's Corporate Health and Wellness Fair is the perfect way to jump-start your company's wellness programs. Our health educators are able to assist you and your staff in providing the most beneficial program for your employees.


The Corporate Fair is a full or half day of festivities and health awareness. A list of more than 50 different booths and programs are available to individualize each company's program.

• High quality service
• Generates high visibility
• High level of interest shown by both salaried and hourly employees
• Promote goal-oriented safety and behavioral modifications changes
• Specifically formatted for client population and schedules

• Maximizes return on investment by risk-factor targeting
• Participants can learn at their own pace and enjoy what they are learning
• Minimizes employer time for program implementation
• Comprehensive policies ensure safe and efficient operation
• Personalized and relevant information is presented

Health Fair Booths & Stations

The following exhibits and screening booths are available and can be structured to your company's needs:

• Blood pressure
• Cholesterol screening (fingerstick or venous)
• Diabetes screening (via fingerstick)
• Glaucoma/vision screening
• Height & weight
• Body fat
• Lung capacity testing
• Hearing tests
• Stress massage
• Breast cancer awareness
• TB testing
• Oral screening
• Skin cancer screening
• Computerized personal assessment
• Weight management
• Safety station
• Flu shot station (seasonal)
• Mammogram
• Tetanus shots
• Pneumonia vaccination (seasonal)
The following types of health care professionals are available for corporate health fairs:

• Cardiologists
• Dentists
• Primary care physicians
• OB/Gyn
• Orthopedic surgeons
• Radiologists
• Chiropractors
• Dermatologists
• Homeopath physicians
• Podiatrists
• Pulmonary specialists
• Technicians
• Plastic surgeons
• Therapists
• Registered nurses
• Osteopath physicians