Corporate Lecture/Seminar Programs

CHS offers a comprehensive range of seminars and lectures on a variety of health and safety topics. Workshops and seminars are available in four- and eight-hour time intervals at the convenience of the company and its employees. Both awareness seminars and behavioral courses are available at on-site facilities of your choice.

Seminars and lectures are organized usually in one-hour segments consisting of a 45-minute lecture and a 15-minute question-and-answer session. Seminars and lectures can be delivered over the lunch hour or any time convenient to your company.

• Designed and reviewed by experts
• Includes all aspects of promotional literature
• Guides participants through self-assessment, practice sessions and actions
• Helps drive participation and disseminate information
• Workshops/seminars are delivered at your company site

• Helps create a supportive environment
• Emphasizes positive lifestyle changes for the employee
• Cost efficient for the employer
• Targets major corporate/public health concerns

Partial List of Topics:

• Stress Management
• Women's Health Series
• Men's Health Series
• Self Defense For The Working Woman
• Dental Care
• Smoking Cessation Lecture/Workshop
• Office Safety
• Blood Borne Pathogens & Environmental Safety
• Overcoming Addictions
• Diabetes Updates
• Ergonomics
• Weight Management
• Alternate Health Care• First Aid
• Ergonomic Evaluation and Safety
• (Individualized for each company)
• Proper Lifting Techniques
• Dealing With Depression
• Professional and Career Success
• Examining Your Lab Results
• Relationship Revitalization
• Avoiding Burnout
• Making Life and Career Transitions
• Modifying Your Lifestyle
• Managing Time Effectively
• Building and Working With The Team
• Adapting To The Multicultural Workplace
• Building Effective Leadership